Location seed: North American Amusements, Inc.

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North American Amusements, Inc.


North American Amusements (NAA) is run out of a warehouse-office building on the outskirts of Bakersfield, California.  It’s been there since about 1974 or so; the company employs about ten or so people, mostly in the warehouse. The company owner is listed as ‘Maggie Rogan,’ but nobody’s seen her for decades. But the taxes and utilities get paid on time, so nobody fusses much.  Besides, in some ways working for NAA is a dream job.

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I hate political books, but maybe I should read ‘Clinton, Inc.’ ?

I was going to give it a pass, but if the book is hated this much by the Clinton Machine then maybe there’s something to it.

Former Clinton administration press secretary Mike McCurry is quietly waging a campaign to quash coverage on a new tell-all book that exposes Bill and Hillary Clinton’s massive political empire.

McCurry has successfully blockedPolitico media reporter Dylan Byers from writing about the bestselling Clinton, Inc., written byWeekly Standard editor Daniel Halper, according to emails obtained by theWashington Free Beacon.

Hillary Clinton’s people are certainly stereotypical about this sort of thing.


Moe Lane