John Dingell (D, Michigan)… retires. Or perhaps ‘abdicates’ would be a better word?

Sorry, but even I can’t say ‘cuts and runs’ with a straight face.  Fifty-eight years in the House is fifty-eight years in the House.

Well, actually seventy-eight: Dingell inherited the seat from his father.  And he wants to pass it along like it was a title of freaking nobility: Continue reading John Dingell (D, Michigan)… retires. Or perhaps ‘abdicates’ would be a better word?

#rsrh Gun-grabbers’ ghoulish Giffords-grandstanding.

Just because they’re not anywhere near a majority at the moment doesn’t mean that they’re not prepared to stop on their radical agenda.  I imagine that the Tucson shootings must seem to be a heaven-sent opportunity for them:

Rep. John Conyers (Mich.), top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, and 15 other Democrats on the panel sent a letter to Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) on Friday seeking hearings on several gun-safety issues related to the Tucson shooting.

Conyers and his fellow House Democrats wanted to ‘investigate’ (read: grandstand) on extra-large ammunition clips; less superficially obnoxiously, they wanted an investigation into the procedures regarding mentally ill people’s access to guns.  The problem is, it’s a little disingenuous of them to have the hearings now.  There’ll be plenty of time for those after we hear precisely how Loughner slipped through the system – and actually get confirmation that the man is too insane to stand trial.

House Republicans understand that last bit, which is why I can take this occasion to write something that I had so few opportunities to meaningfully do during the previous four years: “Representative John Conyers?  Sit down, make yourself comfortable, and pour yourself a big mug of Shut The F*** Up.” Continue reading #rsrh Gun-grabbers’ ghoulish Giffords-grandstanding.

Where it went wrong: Obama and Congress.

For the benefit of any hypothetical researcher from, say, the 2050s or so – hey, how are you folks doing, up there?  Have the Cubs won a World Series yet? – let me just note the two major mistakes that the current administration made that seem to have seriously complicated the passage of their health care rationing bill.

  • Choosing Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s approach on the ‘stimulus’ over that of Rep Walter Minnick’s;
  • Allowing Speaker Pelosi to replace John Dingell on Energy with Henry Waxman.

Continue reading Where it went wrong: Obama and Congress.

Rep John Dingell: Cap and Trade is a tax.

For nothing.

Rep John Dingell today admitted that cap-and-trade really is an energy tax. Unfortunately, he did so in the context of telling a lie:

Contrary to Representative Dingell’s comments, quite a few people realized that cap-and-trade is a tax. And then so did quite a few people more. And then some more. And more. And more. And more. In fact, this realization is quite common among those individuals who do not have a vested emotional or, frankly, moral need to believe the absurd and contemptuous lie made by the current administration about how it wasn’t going to raise taxes on either the poor or middle class. Continue reading Rep John Dingell: Cap and Trade is a tax.