I believe that it is time for the Beck Song in the #sdmayor election.

With 86% of the vote in, Republican Kevin Faulconer looks to be the winner over Democrat David Alvarez in the special election to replace disgraced Democrat Bob Filner. San Diego goes back to having generally Republican mayors, and the results tonight were never particularly close.

I understand that Big Labor poured something like $1.2 million into this race: congratulations, folks, it’s time for your theme song.

Moe Lane

PS: If, for some reason, this reminds Big Labor of Wisconsin… well, it should.

PPS: For the record, AoSHQ called this election several hours ago.

Heads up: San Diego mayoral election Tuesday.

Replacing the disgraced Democrat Bob Filner. The race is apparently close, with Republican Kevin Faulconer having a very decent shot:

…Faulconer has a far broader base of support and funding than Alvarez. He certainly has the support of the San Diego business community and related interests, but only about one-third of the contributions raised by committees supporting Faulconer has come from out-of-town sources.

Faulconer has also made a concerted effort to reach out beyond traditional Republican constituencies. The effort has paid off with endorsements that span the political spectrum: the San Diego Police Officers Association, San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore and the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, the Latino American Political Association, pastors representing largely African-American churches, a group of bicycle enthusiasts, advocates for the homeless, including the revered Father Joe Carroll, a collection of Democrats, including the granddaughter of iconic farm labor leader Cesar Chavez, a group of women leaders, including Jacque Young, the wife of former Council President Tony Young, a Democrat, and former City Attorney Mike Aguirre, also a Democrat.

San Diego usually puts Republicans in charge: Bob Filner was a historical aberration. Continue reading Heads up: San Diego mayoral election Tuesday.