God help me, they’re rebooting Jay and Silent Bob.

And God help me, but I’ll probably watch it.

The Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will start filming this fall, Kevin Smith himself has revealed. The movie will unite Smith with Jason Mewes, serving as a belated sequel to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. The plot will see Jay and Bob on a mission to Hollywood once more: this time, they’re aiming to halt the production of Bluntman Vs Chronic, a dark and gritty reboot that will pit their superhero doppelgangers against one another.

It is absolutely a New Jersey thing, yes.  And yes, Kevin Smith movies have been pretty bad lately.  But they also largely weren’t Jay and Silent Bob movies, either.  I’m pretty much stuck here; there are cultural obligations in place.

No, I guess that I honestly don’t expect any of this to make any sense to anybody reading this, either.

Tweet of the Day, LAUGH A-WHILE YOU CAN, MONKEY BOY!!!!! edition.

If you don’t love Buckaroo Banzai I’m… sorry. I’m so very, very sorry for you. I wouldn’t enjoy living under that burden. Anyway, here’s your bit of surrealism for the day:

Apparently somebody at MGM is just the right kind of insane to look around and say “If I can’t use my powers to finally get that Buckaroo Banzai sequel made in some form, then why the Hell am I even here?” I salute that mad, gallant MGM executive.  It’ll still take a few miracles to get the show on the air, but at least somebody tried.

(Via @MonteJCook)