PJ Tatler: American Bridge PAC now stalking Republicans through high schools.

Let me set the scene: Republican Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-08) was in his district on Thursday, doing general Congressmen stuff: in this particular case, he was making an appearance at a local high school [political] science club.  Basic, not-particularly-[partisan]-political constituent outreach, in other words. Rep. Fitzpatrick was off doing the unglamorous civics thing, which is a large part of any Representative’s job.

But apparently the progressive PAC American Bridge feels that it’s their job to break into high schools while they’re in session and then go stalk Congressmen: Continue reading PJ Tatler: American Bridge PAC now stalking Republicans through high schools.

#rsrh Patrick Murphy’s (D PA-08) fake ballot office scam.

Last week it came out that Pennsylvania residents received fake letters from the Pennsylvania Voter Assistance Office (otherwise known as ‘the Democratic party of Bucks County, PA’) soliciting absentee ballot applications from targeted voters.  What made the situation very troubling is that the letters included a prepaid envelope that did not send completed applications to the appropriate Pennsylvanian election office; the applications instead were to go to a private post office box, and anybody who claims to not see the potential there for blatant electoral fraud is either deeply stupid, or a bald-faced liar.

Now NRO has learned that Patrick Murphy’s campaign manager (Tim Persico) was one of the people with access to this post office box, which implies that Murphy was aware of the entire situation.  Murphy has been generally trailing challenger Mike Fitzpatrick; there’s more than a faint whiff of desperation here, even if one discounts the idea of voter fraud.  Although, given the historical record, why one would want to give a Democratic politician in a tough race any slack when it comes to voter fraud eludes me…

Moe Lane