#rsrh Chuckie Schumer’s ego writes a check that his caucus won’t cash on SB 1070.

Chuck Schumer is claiming that he’s going to pass legislation that will effectively neuter Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law if/when (and a lot of people are starting to say ‘when’) the Supreme Court upholds said legislation.  Ann Althouse notes that the law is actually popular, and that even Latinos themselves are divided on whether or not it’s a good idea.  I have a much more elemental take on this: Chuck Schumer has considerably less ability to dictate what or what does not get passed in this Congress – but if he really wants to get his legislation considered, there’s an easy way to do it.

Attach it to a Democratic Senate budget proposal.


Confirmed: US to sue Arizona over SB1070.

Via Hot Air, este reportaje que el gobierno de los Estados Unidos va a llevar a las cortes el estado de Arizona sobre la Ley SB1070 de imigrantes ilegales. Aparentemente la Casa Blanca decidió primero divulgar esta noticia a los ecuatorianos, como parte de la visita de la Secretaria de Estado Hillary Clinton a Ecuador; por lo tanto es adecuado reportarlo en español. Depués de todo, no es como si la administración de Obama tenga antecedente ninguno de hablar claro en inglés*.

Thanks to Fausta for the translation: also check out her conversation with IBD’s Monica Showalter on Hillary Clinton being friendly with Ecuadorean President Correa in the first place.  That the American electorate rejects the idea of a federal challenge to the law by a two-to-one ratio is irrelevant to this administration, of course; given their tendency to mistake a tin ear for principles, that’s hardly surprising.  If Rasmussen put out a poll demonstrating that most Republicans and independents oppose the practice of people hitting each other in the groin, it’s highly likely that the White House would react by endorsing it for the 2010 midterms…

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#rsrh I’m not a Nazi, NBC12 – Phoenix.

(Via Ed Driscoll) And it offends me that your reporter let that racist bigot use her sign to accuse me – and roughly half the country, as well as the roughly three-fifths of the country who support measures like SB 1070 – of being one without even noting it in passing.

It doesn’t surprise me, but it offends me.

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PS: By the way: garbage like this is shoving people like me – who actually do want comprehensive immigration reform – towards taking a harder line on the issue.

Gov. Brewer removes AG Goddard from immigration law defense.

Let me put it a different way: Gov. Jan Brewer (R, AZ-GOV) removes AG Terry Goddard (D-CAND, AZ-GOV) from the defense of the illegal immigration law that the former supports and the latter opposes.

Late Friday night as the Memorial Day weekend began, Arizona’s Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, in effect, suspended the state’s Democratic attorney general from defending the new law in upcoming legal challenges. The measure, known as S.B. 1070, is due to take effect this summer and, among other things, allows local police under federal guidelines to check the immigration status of people they stop.


The governor’s abrupt action against Terry Goddard, her likely Democratic opponent in this fall’s gubernatorial election, came after months of disputes between the two and at the end of a long day of legal maneuvering in both Arizona and the nation’s capital.

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#rsrh Q: What’s the difference between me and AG Holder?

A. I’ve read Arizona’s immigration bill:

REPRESENTATIVE TED POE, (R-TEXAS): …Have you read the Arizona law?

ERIC HOLDER, ATTORNEY GENERAL: I have not had a chance to, I’ve glanced at it. I have not read it.

POE: It’s ten pages. It’s a lot shorter than the healthcare bill which was 2,000 pages long. I’ll give you my copy of it if you would like to have a copy. Even though you haven’t read the law, do you have an opinion as to whether it’s Constitutional?

HOLDER: I have not really, I have not been briefed yet.

And AG Holder is being paid to do that, too.  He’s not being paid to opine on it as a top administration official without thoroughly researching it first.


Or is he?

Via Newsbusters; see also The Corner, Hot Air, Moonbattery, Instapundit, and just about everybody else at this point.

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PS: Rep. Ted Poe just wasn’t having any of that, was he?