Results tonight. [UPDATE: Whew.]

RedState for the analysis; AoSHQDD for the raw totals. Polls ain’t closing for a while yet, so pace yourself when it comes to chewing fingernails. It’ll be a long night, thanks not least to time zones.

[UPDATE: going better than we at RedState were fearing, and not too far off from where we were hoping. Cruz grabbing TX and OK; Rubio looks good in MN and held Trump to under 3 points in VA; AR is a battlezone; and Donald Trump somehow managed to not get an endorsement that he really, really wanted wrt Florida. Fascinating, really.]

Look, go vote today if it’s Primary Day in your state. Then go do something else.

Seriously: go do something else.  It is almost certainly too late to do anything that will meaningfully change the results tonight and you’re better off getting things done. I myself have a SCA award scroll of my wife’s that needs framing, so I’m off to the Hobby Lobby even as we speak.

Go! Shoo.

One note about people dropping out before Super Tuesday…

…they will not.


Well, maybe Ben Carson will: I saw the vaguest of suggestions that he’s going to take a good, hard look at his numbers after tomorrow’s Nevada caucuses. But it’s safe to bet that John Kasich will stay in at least until next week*; and obviously Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump are going to long-haul it.

Moe Lane

*He wants to stay longer. The GOP ‘Establishment**’ has other ideas.  The RNC could certainly help it along by getting those debate spots down to three.

**I assume that Politico is actually using a definition of ‘Establishment’ that doesn’t include me for a change, although I certainly think that it’s far past time for John Kasich to go back to Ohio and start planning a Senate run.