#rsrh The Atlantic on Occupiers’ patriotism problem – and their own?

(Via InstapunditThe article itself is patent nonsense, mind you – the author seems to think that there’s something unusual about conservatives supporting civil rights, probably because he’s an academic and they can get some weird thoughts in their heads, sometimes – and not nearly as interesting as the real question: did the Atlantic mean for the picture associated with it to be ironic, or not?

Seriously, look at the flag: it’s one of those offensive sneers at the supposed corporate control over America that the Activist Left absolutely loves to indulge in.  If the Atlantic noticed that about the picture and used it for that reason, then it’s a brilliant, subtle reinforcement of the story (possibly too subtle; nobody in the article’s comment section has noticed it, as of 5:35 EST).  If the Atlantic didn’t notice it, then, well, it tells you everything that you need to know about the Left’s intrinsic inability to give the right answer on American patriotism even when they know the right answer on American patriotism.

Today’s Bloomberg’s Two-Minute Hate: The Koch Brothers!

To give you an idea of just how laughably bad this Bloomberg hit piece (short version: the Koch Brothers are icky small-government people who have this big corporation that doesn’t give money to causes that the authors like is a evil lobbying corporation and here’s a list of bad things that they’ve done, including selling stuff to IranIranIranIRANIRANIRAN) was: not only did the notoriously neoconservative* house organ The Atlantic rip its allegations to shreds – Bloomberg probably didn’t want to see sentences like “Ironically, Koch Industries’ response to the article does a better job of laying out these allegations than the article itself.” – but the Bloomberg piece can’t even count on its own affiliates to have its back. To give just one example: Bloomberg Businessweek’s editorial board felt obligated to point out that the supposedly most damning portion of the original article – a subsidiary’s involvement in selling oil drilling equipment to Iran – concedes that Koch Industries was engaged in perfectly-legal activities that the company voluntarily ended when made aware about them. They also felt obligated to note that companies like General Electric – Hi, GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt! Having fun working for the Obama administration? – and Caterpillar have also engaged in similar activities. Continue reading Today’s Bloomberg’s Two-Minute Hate: The Koch Brothers!

#rsrh Shorter Atlantic: Obama not man enough…

to fix the economy.

I paraphrase: they’re trotting out a variant of  ‘the country’s problems are too much for any one man’ line that Democrats love to use whenever one of their guys is in office and something’s gone wrong.  At some point these folks will realize that all this does is reinforce the meme that “Democratic pundits” = “whiners”…


Moe Lane Continue reading #rsrh Shorter Atlantic: Obama not man enough…