The Crazy Tree: MSNBC throwing Hanoi Jane under the bus.

MSNBC apparently thinks that the Republicans – not to mention, half of the population of Chicago – are collectively Jane Fonda; and that the IOC are the North Vietnamese. Forty or so years of defensively defending the indefensible by the Left, and it all goes up like a bit of match paper to try to cover up a simple error in judgment by a President who too many people have invested themselves in never, ever allowing him to fail.

Wow.  Can the IOC come back tomorrow and eliminate Chicago from consideration again?  This is proving to be unexpectedly entertaining.

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“Five Laws of the Crazy Tree” – and my sixth.

Jesse Walker’s post on the subject is good (via Ed Driscoll*) – his gist is that the Crazy Tree is not linked to any particular people or group, even the ones that you don’t like – but it’s incomplete.  Here’s the Sixth Law of the Crazy Tree: The fruits that you gather from the Crazy Tree are much worse than the ones that I gather. We just saw this Law play out in the Left-sphere, as people tried – and failed – to explain why it was no big deal that an administration official endorsed a malignant conspiracy theory about 9/11.  It failed largely because nobody on the Left wanted to say “Well, our nuts are harmless, so we don’t worry about them.”

This is not to say that all conspiracy theories are equally harmless, of course.  For example, nobody worries about the folks who believe that the Apollo moon landings were faked, and for good reason: they generally don’t do anything except get punched by Buzz Aldrin**.  But it does remain true that it’s always the Other Guy’s fringe who looms larger when doing the subjective threat analysis.

Moe Lane

*Apropos of nothing – say what you like about Rush Limbaugh, but “flat-shoed bird-brained idiot” is probably going to be the best description of Robert Gibbs that you’re likely to read today.

**You’d think that would stop being funny.

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