#rsrh Religious fanatics attacking job creation!

Of course, the religious fanatics are Greenies having heart palpatations over the thought of somebody actually daring to want to dig uranium – URANIUM! URANIUM! URANIUMURANIUMURANIUMURANIUMURANIUMURANIUM!!!!! – out of the ground – and the job creation is for the aforementioned uranium digging.  Those silly, silly non-Greenies.  Don’t they understand that their natural destiny is to get service-sector jobs?

Via Glenn Reynolds.  Who is about as respectful of these people’s motivations as I am; which is to say, not at all.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, I know that mining can be messy.  Is this not why we have an EPA (created by a conservative President, you know) in the first place?  Besides, it’s not like we’re Commies, or anything.

Big Wind looking for federal handout.

The wind ‘industry’ is apparently looking for more federal aid – actually, no, there’s nothing apparent about it.  They want more federal aid, they want it permanently – and they want it specifically allocated to them, and not as part of a nebulous ‘alternate energy’ package.  Otherwise, they’re afraid that they’ll go out of business. For the record: if your business plan requires – not benefits from; requires – an annual bailout from the federal government in order to function, then by definition you have a bad business plan.  Mostly because you are not actually in business; you are a parasite pretending to be a business.  I understand that this point has been obscured since the Democrats took Congress in 2007, but it bears repeating.  A lot of repeating.

Now that we’ve got that lesson in Capitalism 090 out of the way, let’s clear something up.  It may be that the 112th Congress may find it expedient to take into account the Left’s religious sensibilities on ‘green’ power.  If so, however, a basic appreciation of this country’s secular ideals demands that the Left gives up blocking its favorite environmental devil figure.  I refer, of course, to nuclear power generation.  To put it very bluntly: if they want to get the angels of wind farms then they have to enthusiastically support the demons of nuclear power plants.  Note ‘enthusiastically:’ they’re going to have to actively and effectively oppose the antinuke scientific illiterates alongside the rest of us.  Because the USA is not going to reduce the amount of power that we generate every year if we don’t have to, and that is not negotiable.  The more reasonable green types need to accept that reality.

And if they don’t want to do that: well. I guess that they don’t really love Mother Gaia all that much, after all.

Moe Lane (crosspost)