Thank you, Jesus: no Woodstock 50 in Columbia.

In fact, there’s not gonna any Woodstock 50th anniversary at all:

The musical celebration of 50 years since 1969’s Woodstock festival, an all-star concert that once had a lineup of Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus, the Lumineers, Chance the Rapper and more, was officially cut Wednesday afternoon.

The festival was set to kick off in two weeks, and promoters had reached out to Howard County and Merriweather Post Pavilion about bringing their festival to the venue this summer.

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QotD, That’s The NIMBY, Elitist Colorado Democratic Party Right There edition.

The New York Times must not be feeling well: they usually just blurt out inconvenient truths about Democratic politicians like this.  Today’s example: millionaire Congressman Jared Polis (D, Colorado) and his hatred of cheap, clean energy:

Mr. Polis became a self-proclaimed poster boy against fracking last year when a red-and-white drilling rig sprouted near his weekend home in Weld County…

Yes, God forbid that our self-proclaimed ruling class ever see their part of the skyline sacrificed for such a trivial thing as energy independence and clean power*. That’s for the peons who aren’t enlightened enough to be rich Democratic liberals.


Moe Lane

*Remember when the left liked natural gas? Yeah, turned out that was just pillow talk, baby. As usual.

PS: While I understand that hydraulic fracking is a matter of some theological urgency to certain percentages of the population, I would appreciate it if the people who are so insistent about keeping other people’s religious sensibilities out of the public debate would exercise similar restraint when it comes to their own.

An #OWS PSA for the voters in NY-08.

Focusing particularly on the voters within audible (and olfactory) range of Zuccotti Park, which is currently the somewhat squalid epicenter for the protesters: I am given to understand that increasing numbers of them are tired of the noise, the disruption of local business and residential life, and, of course, the defecation*.  I am also given to understand that those voters are not really getting any sort of real response to their concerns, mostly because the authorities tacitly accept the notion that a bunch of squatters get to have a say in this discussion:

“We really, really want to be good neighbors. We want to be involved with the community here,” said Tyler Combelic, an “Occupy Wall Street” protester.

Let me just drill down on this: the Occupy Wall Street movement has no right to the term ‘neighbor’ in this context.  The movement does not own any real estate in the area.  It does not rent any real estate in the area.  It certainly does not pay municipal taxes in the area.  Occupy Wall Street protesters are squatters.  The best upgrade to that status that they can hope to achieve would be that of guests.  And for the record: when a host asks a guest to keep it down, the polite – and prudent – guest does not give his or her host an argument about it.  The guest instead keeps it down. Continue reading An #OWS PSA for the voters in NY-08.

NY-08’s (D+22) #OWS NIMBYism.

It’s short for “Not In My BackYard.”

(Via Hot Air Headlines)  It would seem that the people who actually live and work in NY-08’s Eighth District (epicenter of the “Occupy Wall Street” protests, at least according to this map) are getting sick and tired of the dirty filthy hippie freeloaders:

Panini and Company Cafe normally sells sandwiches to tourists in Lower Manhattan and the residents nearby, but in recent days its owner, Stacey Tzortzatos, has also become something of a restroom monitor. Protesters from Occupy Wall Street, who are encamped in a nearby park, have been tromping in by the scores, and not because they are hungry.

Ms. Tzortzatos’s tolerance for the newcomers finally vanished when the sink was broken and fell to the floor. She installed a $200 lock on the bathroom to thwart nonpaying customers, angering the protesters.

The article goes on to point out that this sentiment, while not universal, is widely shared among local businesses and residents; particularly the ones that have to directly deal with Occupy Wall Street’s lack of porta-potties and love for drum circles.  I suggest, however, that if anybody living or trying to do business in this district has a problem with the aforementioned dirty filthy hippie freeloaders then they should take it up with their Congressman Jerry Nadler, who is reportedly encouraging the continuing degradation of local property values.  His local contact information is below: I’m sure that Nadler’s staff would love to hear from those of his constituents who are enjoying the tip of his rhetorical spear right now*… Continue reading NY-08’s (D+22) #OWS NIMBYism.

African children vs. Greenpeace?

The good news? Researchers have worked out a method to genetically modify cassava plants that causes them to produce significantly larger amounts of protein.  In practical terms, this means that within a decade African farmers might have a staple crop that can counter protein-energy malnutrition in African children – and protein-energy malnutrition is nasty.  Not to mention deceptively treatable, if you can make sure that the kids get the protein.  Which is why the plan is to distribute the plants to the farmers themselves, thus distributing the extra protein from the bottom up.

The bad news?  The above means that said researchers will have to fight groups like Greenpeace every step of the way on this, as Greenpeace in particular is adamantly and explicitly against releasing genetically-modified crops “into the environment” – which, again, is the plan of the researchers.  That would be because Greenpeace gets almost no money from African children with preventable dietary deficiencies, and quite a bit of money from scientifically-illiterate, white Euro-American liberals whose interest in anything African is directly proportional to how… sanitized it is.

Hey.  Be grateful that I didn’t say ‘bleached.’

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Mind you, if moving forward Greenpeace wants to start explicitly repudiating its Luddite fanaticism, here would be an excellent place to start…

#rsrh Religious fanatics attacking job creation!

Of course, the religious fanatics are Greenies having heart palpatations over the thought of somebody actually daring to want to dig uranium – URANIUM! URANIUM! URANIUMURANIUMURANIUMURANIUMURANIUMURANIUM!!!!! – out of the ground – and the job creation is for the aforementioned uranium digging.  Those silly, silly non-Greenies.  Don’t they understand that their natural destiny is to get service-sector jobs?

Via Glenn Reynolds.  Who is about as respectful of these people’s motivations as I am; which is to say, not at all.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, I know that mining can be messy.  Is this not why we have an EPA (created by a conservative President, you know) in the first place?  Besides, it’s not like we’re Commies, or anything.

More on that Hardin, Montana prison. Sort of.

The original story is here: the short version is that the town of Hardin took advantage of the Gitmo closing thing (back when the administration’s stated plan to close the place was still being taken seriously) to advertise its empty, brand-new correctional facility. Said facility has apparently been now taken over by a mysterious organization… but, alas for the conspiracy theorist living in all of our hearts, one that is explicitly ruling out housing Gitmo detainees.  AoSHQ has more on this, but that’s the gist.

In other words, there’s a company out there that wants to get into the prison business without being publicly associated with it, and it’s being overly goofy in how it created its shell company… and I’m only posting it because I figured that something like this would happen, and I’m no less immune to feeling pleasure at vindication than any other person.

Moe Lane

PS: The town of Hardin would no doubt like to thank all the Left-pundits and bloggers who spread their sales pitch far and wide. I’m sure that they’re very grateful… what? Grateful enough to vote out Dennis Rehberg next year?

Don’t be absurd.

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Montana town offers to take Gitmo detainees.

Hardin, Montana – a very small, very poor town with a very new, very empty jail, is willing to take on the responsibility of holding Gitmo detainees:

Hardin borrowed $27 million through bonds to build the Two Rivers Regional Correctional Facility in hopes of creating new employment opportunities. The jail was ready for prisoners two years ago, but has yet to house a single prisoner.

People here say politics in the capital of Helena has kept it empty. But the city council last month voted 5-0 to back a proposal to bring Gitmo detainees — some of the most hardened terrorists in the world — to the facility.

Montanan Senators (both of whom are Democrats) wet themselves in response:

The state’s congressional leaders have lined up against the plan. “Housing potential terrorists in Montana is not good for our state,” Max Baucus, the state’s senior Democratic senator, wrote to [economic development director Greg Smith]. “These people stop at nothing. Their primary goal in life, and death, is to destroy America.”

Adds Sen. Jon Tester, “I just don’t think it’s appropriate, that’s all. I don’t think they know what they’re asking for.”

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