Keep watching the DriveThruRPG skies for a new supplement!

It’s called Dangerous Associations, and it’s a collection of a bunch of the Group Seeds I’ve done on this site over the years. It’s not approved yet, but if you go on my page there you will see Tomes of Unusual Knowledge, which is likewise totally a thing.

I don’t know what I’m doing next on the RPG front, so feel free to offer suggestions! Bear in mind I can’t put anything up there that isn’t covered under an OGL.

Huh. There is apparently money in DriveThruRPG stuff.

I’m not breaking the bank on Tomes of Unusual Knowledge, but neither am I doing badly at it. At the rate it’s going, it might actually surpass my sales on “Pickman’s Model: A Romance” at some point. There actually may be a market for generic RPG material that can be adapted for various game titles. Go figure.



Well, here it is! TOMES OF UNUSUAL KNOWLEDGE! Twenty eight separate, game-neutral forbidden books and odd volumes for your modern campaign. Best suited for occult and/or conspiracy-themed games, but they’re not all horror-themed, either. Heck, a couple of them have all the arcane powers of a piece of mundane cheese. They’re all designed to cause trouble, though.

Ninety nine cents!

I have put something on DriveThruRPG!

Don’t bother looking for it: there’s an approval process. Said approval process may take some time, since they need to go through it and make sure I’m not putting up salacious or libelous material. Which I am not. The name of the piece will be Tomes of Unusual Knowledge, and it features a selection of the many, many weird fictional books I’ve come up with as generic game aids. It’ll be ninety-nine cents, so obviously I’m not expecting it to make me a millionaire.

Basically, I’m thinking of it as a proof-of-concept. I have another PDF that I can update (I used Homebrewery, by the way, and it’s an excellent resource), if this one works out well enough. It’s effectively free (well, I’m getting hosed on the labor costs, but I’m also the one doing the hosing), and every little bit helps, hey?

Spent the day working on a different project.

It’s a PDF called Tomes of Unusual Knowledge, and it’s going to be a multi-genre TTRPG supplement focusing on various kinds of Forbidden Books and Mysterious Tomes. I’m teaching myself layout (via Homebrewery) in the process, and I think that will come in handy. When it’s all done – right now I’m plundering the Met and my own purchased image files for art I can use commercially* – the plan is to sell the PDF on DriveThruRPG for 99 cents. Every little bit helps, hey?

Aynway, that was what I was doing tonight to relax.

*Everything I’m using is explicitly permitted to be freely used, including for commercial purposes.