Huh. There is apparently money in DriveThruRPG stuff.

I’m not breaking the bank on Tomes of Unusual Knowledge, but neither am I doing badly at it. At the rate it’s going, it might actually surpass my sales on “Pickman’s Model: A Romance” at some point. There actually may be a market for generic RPG material that can be adapted for various game titles. Go figure.


Watching ‘Pickman’s Model’ on Netflix now.

(Content warning on the show: gory as all get-out.)

It’s one of the episodes from Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities. It’s… not what I was expecting. I don’t think that it’s bad, exactly. The director has clearly decided to start from the story itself, then go… elsewhere with it. The overall effect is tonally similar to the original story, but I can fully understand why Lovecraft purists might disapprove. I was hoping for a more faithful adaptation myself.

I should also note that I’ve taken a shot at ‘Pickman’s Model’ myself (see here). I flatter myself that it is a bit more purist, in a rather special sort of way.

Book (Well, Short Story) of the Week: ‘Pickman’s Model: A Romance.’

Why Moe Lane’s “Pickman’s Model: A Romance“? Because it’s mine, it’s good, and I’m trying to push it. Every copy of it I sell (and MORGAN BAROD, later this summer) puts me ever-so-closer to being able to pay for a project I’m trying to fund. Buy the story, read it on Kindle Unlimited, do it however you like: it’s all good. I just gotta keep swinging at it, that’s all.

Kickstarter surveys for my “Pickman’s Model” have gone out!

If you backed, you should be getting one via whichever email you used for the Kickstarter. It’s just to confirm email addresses and what name people want to have for the Special Thanks section: the “Pickman’s Model” Kickstarter was all-digital and limited-scope, so there’s no Backerkit to navigate this time. I should be getting the funds soon; once that happens, it’s just a matter of getting the final art, and putting it all together.

If you did not back, I am hoping to have the story ready for sale by the middle of July. Be sure to check here!

My “A Proper Picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model'” Kickstarter is live!

Rejoice! And note that the A Proper Picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model’ Kickstarter is, as of the moment, strictly digital-only. Costs skyrocket when printing this stuff comes into play; besides, this is a short story we’re talking about. If we hit both planned stretch goals I may add print tiers, but no guarantees.

Hope to see you soon!

Announcing my new “A Proper Picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model’ Kickstarter!

Sign up here. Basically, this is a very quick-and-dirty art Kickstarter, starting May 12th. The short version is: I’ve revised and expanded my short story ‘Pickman’s Model’ (yes, I have no shame*) and I plan to publish it on Kindle, and so forth. But for that I need art. I’ve called in Ben Fleuter to make a proper picture for it, but he rather reasonably wishes to get paid.

The Kickstarter itself is going to be fairly low – but if we hit the target, the stretch goals will let me buy more art ahead of time, for the next one or two chapbooks I’m working on now. People who back at the $5 level will get a digital copy of ‘Pickman’s Model,’ complete with the art; people who back at the $10 level will get the story, and digital copies of any chapbooks (plus the art, of course) unlocked by the stretch goals. This is absolutely a digital-only Kickstarter, though. Printing physical books gets expensive, very very quickly.

Here’s the link. Hope you’ll sign up to be notified on launch!

Moe Lane

*Technically it’s my first professional fiction sale, only I never got paid. Long story.