Please buy “Pickman’s Gallery:” I have a story in it.

The story of mine in Pickman’s Gallery  (Ulthar Press, 2018) is called ‘Pickman’s Model,’ because… well, because it’s me, folks.  Of course I was going to feel no shame.  Besides, while it is advisable to read the short story of the same name by HP Lovecraft, I feel that it will be easy to tell the two stories about.  Truly, I do. Continue reading Please buy “Pickman’s Gallery:” I have a story in it.

So, hey, I sold a thing (part of the “Pickman’s Gallery” anthology).

Ulthar Press’s “Pickman’s Gallery” anthology. It’ll be coming out next February.  The story in question is called “Pickman’s Model” — why, no, I am completely dead to shame — and it would be lovely if people picked up a copy of this book, when it comes out.  Or even gave it a nice review on social media, once they’ve read it. I can’t speak to the other stories, but they must be equivalent in quality to mine; and my story is of course absolutely awesome.

Moe Lane

PS Trust me: when this book has ordering information I will absolutely tell you what it is.