Announcing my new “A Proper Picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model’ Kickstarter!

Sign up here. Basically, this is a very quick-and-dirty art Kickstarter, starting May 12th. The short version is: I’ve revised and expanded my short story ‘Pickman’s Model’ (yes, I have no shame*) and I plan to publish it on Kindle, and so forth. But for that I need art. I’ve called in Ben Fleuter to make a proper picture for it, but he rather reasonably wishes to get paid.

The Kickstarter itself is going to be fairly low – but if we hit the target, the stretch goals will let me buy more art ahead of time, for the next one or two chapbooks I’m working on now. People who back at the $5 level will get a digital copy of ‘Pickman’s Model,’ complete with the art; people who back at the $10 level will get the story, and digital copies of any chapbooks (plus the art, of course) unlocked by the stretch goals. This is absolutely a digital-only Kickstarter, though. Printing physical books gets expensive, very very quickly.

Here’s the link. Hope you’ll sign up to be notified on launch!

Moe Lane

*Technically it’s my first professional fiction sale, only I never got paid. Long story.

4 thoughts on “Announcing my new “A Proper Picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model’ Kickstarter!”

  1. No shame there. If you’re not struggling against the cruel oppression of Materialism, is it even “Art™”?

    Of course you and your family may have other, more sensible thoughts.

  2. “Long story”??

    Well, since this is an all digital offering anyway, and the practice of writing is it’s own reward, might I humbly suggest that the promise of an exclusive telling of that tale be one of the stretch goal levels?

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