The Matter of Ghouls.

Specifically, Lovecraft’s ghouls.  I hate to say, but… they just ain’t that scary to me, sorry.  Or mind-blastingly evil.  Mi-Go?  Sure: brains-in-a-can and deep space frightfulness.  Deep Ones?  No problem, especially since Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity did a revamp.  Great Race?  Yeah, those SOBs are pretty freaky-deaky when you realize that they’ve got a real problem with personal head space.  But… ghouls?

OK.  You eat dead people.  Hold on, am I dead?  No?  Well, then, you just keep on with gnawing on that head then, buddy:  he’s obviously past caring and it’s nobody I know. I mean, seriously: read “The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath” again.  You can recruit those guys as a ally race in that one.

They got real nuanced after “Pickman’s Model,” is all I’m saying.

Moe Lane