Quote of the Day, [Academia] Chose… Poorly edition. [UPDATE]

Glenn Reynolds, on trial lawyers [academics] and the way they’re getting kicked in the groin down in North Carolina right now:

…when you align yourself exclusively with one party, and weaponize yourself in that party’s cause, you’re going to pay the price when the other party is in power. That’s the price you pay for whoring yourself out.

A slightly harsher word than I might have used, but Glenn’s a law professor himself. He has a certain amount of leeway there.  He’s also, of course, right.

[UPDATE: As Faithul Reader Mikey NTH noted in comments, this was about academic centers, not trial lawyers. Which I knew and should have noted, because I read about this story a couple of days ago.  Ach, well.  My bad, and at least I don’t actually have to change anything besides ‘trial lawyers.’ Even the ‘law professor’ bit still fits.]