The White House and V.

This isn’t a post on whether or not the parallels between the Visitors of the show and the current administration are deliberate or accidental; it’s not even a post on whether the parallels are fair, for given values of ‘fair*.’ It’s a post on whether we’re seriously expected to believe that the White House isn’t monitoring the program.

Please. 14 million people watched it last Tuesday. That’s a number that’s in the same general vicinity of Rush Limbaugh’s weekly numbers (at a guess), and there’s been a buzz for months that this miniseries wasn’t going to be about the hopeandchange.  Expecting us to believe that any administration as obsessed with how it’s perceived as this one is hasn’t kept an eye on V is as about as realistic as expecting us to believe that either the Tea Party movement, or last week’s elections in New Jersey & Virginia, passed without the administration monitoring developments.

Which is to say, it’s not realistic to expect that.

Moe Lane

*In the broadest sense, it’s fairly obvious that the President is not a Reptoid wearing a flesh mask and sporting a desire for anthropophagy**.

**Firefox’s spelling dictionary leaves something to be desired.

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So, they remade V.

Yes, as in V – The Original TV Miniseries*. Both Ace of Spades and Allahpundit are busily cleaning their tasty, tasty beverage of choice off of their monitors right now: watch the trailer and you’ll see why.

Normally, I’d guess that this would be completely accidental – but what the heck, ABC hired Jake Tapper, so maybe there’s one of Sy Hersh’s stay-behind VRWC Resistance cells buried deep inside Programming. All I know is, this show will either never make it past episode 3, or be still playing four years from now as sort of like a reverse West Wing. Either way, I figure that some people are getting ready to go insane on the topic any moment now.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t make Reptoid jokes, sorry. Reptoids stopped being fun when Ickes started babbling about the Jews.

*This seems to be the major fansite.

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