Tweet of the Day, The Apple Didn’t Fall Far From the Tree edition.

I generally try to ignore the Trump children – although at least one of the sons seems to have inherited his father’s nasty, yet sloppy about it streak – but this is a little too hard to resist.

I’m registered to vote in the Republican primary. Sure, it’s Maryland’s, not New York’s – but the principle is sound. You gotta know the rules if you want to play. Continue reading Tweet of the Day, The Apple Didn’t Fall Far From the Tree edition.

Somebody at @TexasAFP has a truly VICIOUS sense of humor.

I approve.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: It occurs to me that people who were never Democrats may not get the full effect of that poster.  Trust me: the iconography and style is deliberately designed to send Commies and/or progressives into a frothing rage, which is why Americans for Prosperity did it – and why I’m posting it on the front page here.  It really and truly is a calculated vicious insult, on a variety of levels… Continue reading Somebody at @TexasAFP has a truly VICIOUS sense of humor.

Joe Biden begs me to vote.

One of the weirder aspects of this gig is all the spam I get from Democrats. For those of you who aren’t in the Life, let me explain: it used to be that signing up for the Other Side’s mailing lists was a relatively easy way to see what agendas and events Democrats were pushing. Makes sense, right? By looking at what they tell their supporters, you get a feel for what the Democrats think is important. And that is often going to be different than what you thought the Democrats think is important.

Alas, like everything else involving the Democrats Barack Obama got his hands on it, and has made the entire exercise useless. Based on my inbox, the important message that Democrats have for their supporters these days is typically either We think Republicans are horrible: give us money or We have a contest. We have a contest. WE HAVE A CONTEST. Give us money.  And, indeed, the Democrats get money out of that.  The Democrats have also seen their polling numbers slide all summer, and while I have no proof that the two data points are related it certainly sounds like they should be, no? Continue reading Joe Biden begs me to vote.

The North Carolina voting law changes.

This is a pretty good summary of the voter changes in North Carolina. It’s tricky to report on the legislature… finessing… things without making it sound too approving/disapproving, but I think that the author managed here. Not that it will keep certain elements of the Left from fuming, foaming, and… sorry: all the other words I can think of that start with “F” are all obscene. So let’s just say that the Left is going to be a sore loser about the consequences of not having control of the state government any more.

Better luck next time, guys?



So, I voted.

I was expecting the crawlspace filled with broken glass, and I was kind of expecting the timed lava eruptions (extra points to the technicians for programming them to the beat of ‘Ice Ice Baby’ instead of ‘Under Pressure;’ you almost got me). I will even stretch the point and concede that the inscribed riddle on the central plinth could have reasonably been taken as meaning ‘jump to the left when you reach the crystal walkway.’ But the cybernetic alligators with neurotoxin-tipped tails? That was going a bit far. I can’t be the only person in my district who had to bring my kids along.

Still, I did vote. No way was I missing this chance to make my disapproval known.