Tweet of the Day, @Rianjohnson Is A Big Ol’ Nerd edition.

A big ol’ drunken nerd who had a 220 million domestic opening weekend.  This is at least from 2012, and dear God but the irony abounds. Weird Al Yankovic has an absolutely unique finger on our cultural pulse, you know?

Moe Lane

PS: I can think of worse things that getting drunk and belting out Yoda, so kai Rian Johnson. He probably would get that reference, too.

And so @alyankovic wins in the end.

I was showing this video to my kid, because he’s old enough to start getting a proper education, and I realized: Weird Al turned out to be right, after all.  Mark Hamill will have at least two new Star Wars acting credits (decades after the originals), by the time this is all over. And he is an older gentlemen, at this point.  WHO’S LAUGHING NOW, INTERNET?

Yoda. Frank Oz. Episode VIII.

I assume that I have your attention now. But that’s not the big question: after all, it’s easy to justify having Yoda in there.  Yoda’s a Force Ghost that’s going to be doing some mentoring, presumably.  That’s easily justifiable, and as the link below notes it’s not like they can get Alec Guinness at this point. No, this is the big question: Continue reading Yoda. Frank Oz. Episode VIII.

This being a lazy Friday afternoon…

Odd reason why I like this song:

Lola, The Kinks

It was because Nick from the sitcom Family Ties wanted that song for his and Mallory’s elopement. I can’t reliably remember my wife’s birthday without sneaking a look at her driver’s license, but I somehow remember that.

And, of course, once I heard this: Continue reading This being a lazy Friday afternoon…