Jonah Goldberg is tired of the vicious hypocrisy of these people…

…for that matter, so am I.

‘These people’ being the media, and their contemptible willingness to accept a double standard when it comes to violent rhetoric.  After screaming for so long about every possible hint of a suggestion of a possibility of violent speech from the Right, it’s amazing what will be forgiven when it comes from the Left:

Tom Friedman — who knows a bit about Hezbollah — calls the tea partiers the “Hezbollah faction” of the GOP bent on taking the country on a “suicide mission.” All over the place, conservative Republicans are “hostage takers” and “terrorists,” “terrorists” and “traitors.” They want to “end life as we know it on this planet,” says Nancy Pelosi. They are betraying the founders, too. Chris Matthews all but signs up for the “Make an Ass of Yourself” contest at the State Fair.  Joe Nocera writes today that “the Tea Party Republicans can put aside their suicide vests.” Lord knows what Krugman and Olbermann have said.

Then last night. on the very day Gabby Giffords heroically returns to cast her first vote since that tragic attack six months ago, the Vice President of the United States calls the Republican Party a bunch of terrorists.

Regardless, No one cares.

After making a probably-accurate prediction that the media will leap on the next opportunity, however tenuous and/or mendacious, to attack the right’s rhetoric as being violent, Jonah concludes ‘Well, go to Hell. All of you.”  To which I append: right on.  But I’ll add a suggestion for those quote-unquote ‘moderate’ or ‘reasonable’ Republicans out there who are legitimately interested in repairing their reputations with their more conservative brethren*; calling out egregious Lefty violators of the civility principle on either the talk shows – or the cocktail party circuit – will do wonders for their relationship with the rest of the party.

If not their social life – but then, the rest of us have suffered socially for our beliefs and our affiliations; why the heck should they be immune to that?

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*No, there really are.  I am a moderate Republican on social issues, after all.  I’ve just simply avoided the subtly insidious trap of getting into the unethical habit of sneering at more socially conservative friends in order to try to curry favor with socially moderate enemies.  I am not the only squishy Republican in the United States of America who is capable of making that choice.

7 thoughts on “Jonah Goldberg is tired of the vicious hypocrisy of these people…”

  1. Moe, I once addressed this with a local conservative columnist, regarding his lack of defense of Sarah Palin. He had this to say:

    “….I agree the media onslaught against Sarah and her family is despicable. But as I noted in a recent column, it’s likely she, Todd, and the kids know this comes with the territory and they will surmount all the abuse…Would indignant statements from Republican officials make a difference? I tend to doubt it.”

    Says a lot about certain people’s, er, priorities, doesn’t it.

    1. Brad S: And they wonder why they never stop. Heck, a judicious course of seeing the contents of water glasses tossed into offenders’ faces would do wonders to promote civility.

      Hey, if the Left can throw pies…

  2. The left doesn’t see the problem. They can’t. What they are doing is creating paradise on Earth; what we are doing is standing in the way of paradise on Earth. We’re EVIL, not just in disagreement with them.

    So they have murderers giving commencement addresses, getting presidential pardons, being appointed to life-long sinecures at universities — because those people were FOR THE CAUSE, man. Attack campaign volunteers, plan (or commit) bombings of political conventions — the ends justifies the means, right?

    Meanwhile, the conservatives make it one of our points of pride that we DO NOT want to use violence to achieve our ends. When someone ostensibly on our side attempts it, we make them anathema; when their attempt results in deaths, we EXECUTE them.

    Frankly, I prefer our way. I don’t want to live in a society where political questions are settled by force, regardless of how I think my preferences would come out.

  3. it’s likely she, Todd, and the kids know this comes with the territory and they will surmount all the abuse

    You know she wanted it; did you see the clothes she was wearing?

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