#rsrh Obama catches up to Romney fundraising in August.

…Wow.  Let me just have a moment where I contemplate the fact that I got to write that sentence out.  The pre-existing Democratic plan for the election went well and truly off of the rails early this cycle, huh?


OK, moment’s done.  Anyway: $114 million to $111 million; this total is Obama/DNC vs Romney/RNC, mind you.  Note, by the way, that Romney’s releasing his cash-on-hand ($168 million) early and Obama has not. Since Obama only had $125 million at the end of July, it is exceedingly unlikely that Obama has more money on hand than Romney; and unless Obama stopped spending more money than he took in in July (Romney did spend more money than he brought in, for the first time) then Obama probably doesn’t even have $125 million at this point, either.  And may I say that it’s marvelous fun to have an opponent who can outspend you for the entire damned campaign? I would suggest that the Democrats try the sensation out for themselves… only they’re about to do so whether they want to, or not.

That’s pretty much it, except a helpful suggestion to people selling products and services to OfA/DNC: go ahead and take a check; just not a post-dated one.  And cash it right away.


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