Shockingly, I agree with Michelle Obama about something.

This was not particularly smart to do.


That’s it. She’s right and her husband is wrong. And he is going to find out precisely how wrong he was, just as soon as they semblance of privacy…

Moe Lane

PS: As for the handshake… screw it, we should just declare victory in Cuba over SOMETHING and normalize. Because Fidel Castro is apparently just living to spite us at this point.

6 thoughts on “Shockingly, I agree with Michelle Obama about something.”

  1. I find that ever since I began drinking water, at her behest, i’m feeling a lot more hydrated. So that’s 2 things for me.

  2. Given the clueless nature of both Cameron and Obama; I do not put it past both of them to have been hitting on the Danish Prime Minister Ms. Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Which would explain the FLOTUS’ ire a lot more than just being upset that Obama was being merely classless. If you look on Twitter, you will find a lot more pictures from this scene, including some with Obama stroking Thorning-Schmidt’s shoulder and back while they are laughing and smiling at each other, and FLOTUS looking daggers at them.

    I hope the private compartment on AF-1 is not that well soundproofed.

    1. Look at FLOTUS. If you were married to that, would you flirt with any available woman who was at least somewhat feminine?

  3. Here’s the deal, we will open trade with Cuba in exchange Cuba will allow unlimited number of Cubans to immigrate to Florida and the rest of the United States. (provided they can pass the “I was never a communist or I’m suitably sorry I ever was” test)
    It should be called the Rubio Immigration Bill. And unlike the Gang of 8, it actually helps the GOP via voter importation.

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