My RedState post on Alan Grayson’s Congressional hedge fund.

Found here.  Short version: Alan Grayson was actually managing a hedge fund while in office. And he still doesn’t understand why his own campaign staff was and is screaming at him over that.  Because, hey, Alan Grayson.


  • Mikey NTH says:

    Alan Grayson is able to rationalize running a hedge fund while being on the Finance Committee the same way all prominent Democrats do: If there is a lot of money in it, then it is not merely justified, it is required.

  • Mikey NTH says:

    Update: Via Hot Air – Harry Reid is telling Grayson to drop out of the senate race because his actions have disgraced Congress.
    No, this is not from the bearded Spock Universe.

  • jaytrain says:

    This is an issue that afflicts both parties . My former congressman , Sheldon Bacchus , was of a similar ilk .(CD-5, Alabama , R ) Sitting on the House Banking committee , Sheldon used his position and inside information to trade for his own account . He did not make any money at it : he lost money at it . In fact when he was caught and before the House ” Ethics Committee” (Sic ) , that was his defense , he didn’t make any money . It was quite a hoot ,a crooked congressman too stupid to make money as a crook .

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