Patreon Microfiction: ‘Taking Up the Slack.’

Taking Up the Slack‘ is part of a larger concept.  Alas, the basic conceit has not yet managed to get developed to the point where my wife is no longer wincing at it.  Since she’s an engineer, her reaction is highly relevant in this particular case.

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  • Rockphed says:

    Having had little experience with the Coast Guard, are they generally angry sorts, or is the general rage a new feature? Alternatively, I have read it wrong and the general rage is generally limited to flag officers. I suppose getting your branch of the military demoted into an accessory to the department of homeland security (along with the secret service) would rub Coast Guard officers the wrong direction.

    • nicklevi86 says:

      Calling the the USCG a “5th branch of the military” has always seemed a bit aspirational. Like the Secret Service, they were created for the Treasury Dept and evolved from there.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Quite the opposite of a demotion, in that scenario. The Commandant of the Coast Guard in that world is currently running the JCS while the Vice Commandant is putting the US Navy back together. The reasons for that are related to the fact that Central Park in that microfiction is being described as ‘sodden.’

      And some motherf*ckers are gonna pay for that.

      • Rockphed says:

        Okay, so it is a general distaste for the invaders manifesting itself as grim determination among the officer corp. I suspect this would be the appropriate time to request God’s mercy on the souls of our soon-to-be-departed enemies, but whether or not the invaders even have souls is probably an open debate.

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