@sonnybunch filling in for @AlyssaRosenberg at WaPo…

…and that’s why I always thought that Alyssa Rosenberg was wasted at ThinkProgress: she’s smart enough to do things like this.  I mean, yes, she’s obviously a hardcore liberal/progressive, because that’s who writes for Think Progress: but more importantly, she’s essentially sound on Marvel movies and television. I like to encourage sound thinking where I find it.

Anyway: I hope that Sonny has fun at the gig.


Alyssa Rosenberg disagrees with me on the Hobbit…

…not that we know each other, or anything.

Alyssa Rosenberg – who is, by the way, far too smart and sensible about SF/fantasy material to be on ThinkProgress* – asks the question Should there have been any women at all in the Hobbit? - and her answer is doubly surprising.  First, because her answer was “No;” second, because I don’t entirely agree with her.

The first part is easily-enough understood; Ms. Rosenberg takes the reasonable view that there’s nothing inherently wrong, per se, about a movie that has what she calls “[a]ll-male spaces and social circles” as its background**. And if there’s a movie out there that would have an excuse to do that, it’d be The Hobbit, which is of course based on a 1930s child adventure story written by an English academic who had probably never really considered the issue in the first place***.  And that’s fine, and most people would agree that that’s fine. (more…)

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