Tweet of the Day, Here We Go Again edition.

Seriously, this is exasperating.

The ‘natural born’ bit in the US Constitution was put in there to keep us from having some charismatic European royal show up in a crisis in the early Republic, get elected President, and then turn the whole shebang into a monarchy all sneaky-like. It was not put in there to make the kids of immigrants ineligible for the Presidency, and frankly that’s what the entire birther thing seems to have evolved into at this point. Or, given that it’s involving Donald Freaking Trump trying to log-roll Ted Freaking Cruz, ‘devolved.’

Moe Lane

PS: Friendly reminder: this is private property, and the leaseholder is cranky on this particular subject.

Rubio. Birthers.

Well alrighty, then.

The Daily Caller has the details*:

Here’s how the logic works (according to World Net Daily’s Joe Kovacs): “While the Constitution does not define ‘natural-born citizen,’ there is strong evidence that the Founding Fathers understood it to mean someone born of two American citizens.”

Kovacs (and he is not alone) goes on to reason that Rubio’s “eligibility is in doubt” because — though his parents were legal U.S. residents when he was born — they were not yet naturalized citizens.

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#rsrh Confirmed: Obama watches just MSNBC?

I was going to hit this Political Punch post about the President ‘telling an untruth’ about why he finally released his long-form birth certificate, and I was going to point out this Ace of Spades HQ post noting that the network that obsesses most about Birthers was MSNBC – only Jim Geraghty hit this in his Morning Briefing, so read that instead.

But I’ll note this: if President Obama’s getting all of his information from MSNBC, it would explain handily why he thinks that the media was obsessing over his birth certificate; the people at MSNBC were, and it was warping their coverage of the President (something like 9.2% of MSNBC’s total coverage last week was on birthers).  I recommend that if the President would like to get a better idea of what people are talking about, then maybe Obama should try a less biased, and more mainstream, news source.

Like, say, Fox News.

#rsrh Neil Abercrombie, you ignorant slut*.

So.  Gov. Abercrombie wanted to puncture the Birther balloon.  That’s a laudable goal: so once he took office as governor, Abercrombie announced that he was going to settle this once, and for all.  Outstanding.  Only… it turns out that, Gosh darn it, Hawaii state law prevents the governor from releasing birth record information!


Sorry about the YT link to a Birther, but that’s the only audio link that I can find; I’ll be happy to replace it once I find something suitable.  Anyway: back in 2008 it was determined that it was illegal for birth certificates to be released without the holder’s permission; nothing has changed since then; and apparently you’ve never talked to Gov. Lingle on her way out the door – so the only damned thing that you did in your quest to be ‘helpful,’ Governor, was to throw fresh gasoline on the fire.

I repeat: Neil Abercrombie, you ignorant slut.  Learn how and when to keep your mouth shut, OK? Hint: if your handlers are frantically waving at you off-screen, then that’s a good time.

Moe Lane

*This is one of those responses that must be earned: we of the VRWC just don’t give it away.

MSNBC joins the Birther conspiracy.

God, I hate this Birther conspiracy theory crap – and don’t bother, Sparky; I screen first-time comments – but watching the talking head designated as “Chris Matthews” call for Obama’s birth certificate to be released is the funniest thing that I’ve seen all day.

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