…Well, that’s typically how your average Grand Vizier goes.

It would appear that the King of North Korea has decided to embrace his inner Col. Gaddafi:

…although I should remind King Kim Jong Un that Gaddafi – despite his Amazonian Guard and habit of throwing $100 bills at the crowds – well, things ended badly for him. And by all accounts, it wasn’t a particularly quick death, either. That’s part of the Crazypants Cartoon Dictator meme, too.

Moe Lane

PS: Please note that the report is from a source that is, at best, dubious. Although it’d be interesting if the PRC is quietly indicating here that the aforementioned Crazypants Cartoon Dictator is getting tiresome.

Helpful reminder: Communism kills, capitalism saves.

Remember, in the 20th century:

Sorry to repeat the point, but it never hurts to remind folks that there was a right side, and a wrong side, and the Commies were on the wrong side.

Moe Lane

*Please note, by the way, that Norman Borlaug quite rightly felt that GMO opponents were, well, idiots with no historical awareness. This is largely because Norman Borlaug was a product of his time and culture, which was largely intolerant towards idiots with no historical awareness.