I think THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER is going to be one of those shows which will have a complicated relationship with comic fans. A lot of people are going to hate it, and a bunch of people will loudly support it, and for the same reason: the show is doing the usual deep dive of the Marvel back issues, only this time they’re mining a different part of the back issues. I legitimately don’t want to spoil it, because (believe it, or not) I respect the right of people who I don’t particularly like to also have their fanservice in peace and quiet. I was able to watch all my stuff in quiet enjoyment, so they should get the same courtesy. Fair’s fair.

Besides, the show is interesting, once you kick all the ideology out of the way. It’s quirky: and I think this is going to be how the Marvel Disney+ shows are going to roll, generally. Which works for me.