Tweet of the Day, I Can’t Argue With The Evidence edition.


It’s even funnier because this is about the only time in your life that you’ll see a basset hound’s fangs.  They are, shall we say, not exactly the most aggressive of dogs. Unless you count drool — well, it’s a hound, so you have to be ready for that.

Tweet of the Day, Some People Should Not Have Dogs edition.

I’m sure that there’s another side to this story, but I don’t think that I particularly give a [expletive deleted]. Likewise, the shelter is blatantly trying to emotionally manipulate me and I don’t care if they do, frankly. There are infinitely worse things to get upset over than seeing somebody mistreat a dog.

…Well, that’s typically how your average Grand Vizier goes.

It would appear that the King of North Korea has decided to embrace his inner Col. Gaddafi:

…although I should remind King Kim Jong Un that Gaddafi – despite his Amazonian Guard and habit of throwing $100 bills at the crowds – well, things ended badly for him. And by all accounts, it wasn’t a particularly quick death, either. That’s part of the Crazypants Cartoon Dictator meme, too.

Moe Lane

PS: Please note that the report is from a source that is, at best, dubious. Although it’d be interesting if the PRC is quietly indicating here that the aforementioned Crazypants Cartoon Dictator is getting tiresome.


This is the cutest thing that is also such a thing to do to two clearly long-suffering and patient dogs.



My wife suggested that we get one for the new cat.  I have to remember to cheerfully invite her to be the one to dress said cat, because I ain’t going to do it.

Moe Lane

PS: I understand that dogs actually don’t mind terribly wearing this stuff, especially when it’s kind of cold out anyway.  But I swear that those dogs look kind of resigned about the whole thing.

Speaking as a former commuter…

…All I’d care about is whether the dogs are likely to start drunkenly shouting about the Islanders, then vomit all over the seats.  No?  Then leave me alone; some of us are trying to sleep, here.  The dog gets this; why can’t you?


It’s a POTUS-eat-dog-on-the-roof world out there…

…so don’t wear Milk-bone underwear*.

Well.  That entire ‘Romney’s dog on the car roof’ thing didn’t really go the way that Team Obama intended it to, did it?

If you missed it, here’s the background: agents from Obama’s campaign team started up with that old story about the time that Mitt Romney drove cross-country with his dog in a carrying case that had been lashed to the top of the car.  Said relating of said story was getting pretty well disseminated until it got pointed out that as a kid Barack Obama once ate a dog, which was then disseminated in its turn – including by agents of Romney’s campaign, which is an important point – until the Obama campaign started arguing that bringing that up was equivalent to attacking a child.  Which is funny, because Barack Obama only told that story in the first place because it made him seem more exotic and transgressive; which was great for 2008, and not so great for 2012.

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