Happy π Day!

Sure, π Day is one of those weird little holidays that you only get on the Internet now that the Internet is a thing, but still. A lot of people like to make puns about pies today. I like pies.

Heck, I have a pie crust left over. Suggestions? Bear in mind that if it’s a sweet pie, I’ll have to eat it all by myself. Which is more of a problem than it was twenty years ago, when I had a metabolism with more than one setting.

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A productive day! [UPDATED]

Cleaned the house, baked a strawberry pie, got dinner ready for cooking later, and wrote about 850 words of a story I’ve been trying to write for ten years and now I know how it’s going to go. Annnnnnd then I remembered that I write things on this site, too. Clearly, there need to be more hours in the day.

But the crust on that pie looks like it baked up pretty nice, though. I’m going to score a win on that in advance. If only because it’s really, really hard to mess up a fresh strawberry pie.


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Soliciting opinions on Frito-chili pies.

I got the chili, you see. I got plenty of chili: not spicy at all, but tasty enough. And I’d have to get the Fritos anyway; so if there’s other stuff that I should be adding to said pie – yes, cheese, obviously – that I can pick up tomorrow, then I’m happy to listen to your suggestions as to what those things should be. My only concern is that it should all be easy to put together. I don’t want to spend two hours in the kitchen when I’m essentially jazzing up my leftovers.


How to get the Good Pie in Fallout 4.

Sorry, but this has been kind of a white whale for me.  Short version: load up on Luck adders, then take a chem that boosts your luck, and keep trying.  Apparently.  I must try this!

Seriously, I’ve yet to get that danged pie.


Adventures in PIE!

[UPDATE: The pie came out fine. Tasted good and my wife liked it. So, success!]


Fresh blueberries from the supermarket, sugar, corn starch, cinnamon. Used a roll-up pie crust from the store, baked the whole thing. And I took it out after about 35 minutes because 50 minutes was way too long, Internet recipe site. So hopefully it will firm up in the next few hours and will not taste awful tonight.

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Today, for the first time, I will make… a PIE.

I don’t things like pudding pies really count, given that that’s just mix the milk with the instant pudding mix and tossing the whole thing into a graham cracker pie crust and refrigerating.  No, this is gonna involve baking and everything. …True, I’m using prepackaged pumpkin pie filling and a frozen crust, but the first step in all of this is to learn the basic moves.  Once I’m confident that I can make these things, then I can start in on making them from scratch.  Man must walk before he can bake, and all that.

UPDATE: So far, so good. Behold! The uncooked pie.


FURTHER UPDATE: Just how clean should the fork tines be, anyway? I’ve had it in for an extra ten minutes and it’s still not quite done, I think.

SECOND TO LAST UPDATE: Well, I think that it’s done. I guess we’ll know when I eat some tonight.


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#rsrh Sen. Levin hit with pie.

A couple of Lefty antiwar nuts, we-hate-the-Jews edition:

Ahlam Mohsen, 23, a Michigan State University senior, was arrested by the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety after the incident. The assault came after a speech by another protester, Max Kantar, 23, of Big Rapids, who criticized [Sen Carl] Levin [D, MI] – chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee – for his stance on U.S. foreign policy issues, including “Israel war crimes against the Palestinian people.” After Mohsen pied the long-time senator, both she and Kantar fled from Pepper’s.

I mention this mostly because you have to look at the picture: (more…)

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