WashingCon 2019: September 7-8, 2019 (obviously).

Tickets are going on sale later this year (April 1st) than last, but it’s still at the same location and everything. I’m not yet signed up to run any games, but as soon as they’re taking applications I plan to submit one. I also figure that it won’t be a problem; this would be my, what, fourth year going at this point? I have no idea if they really know who I am, because I don’t hit the fan suite or anything (assuming that they even have one), but I show up on time and run my games without drama or crises, which I figure is the important thing.

And this year I plan to run Song of the Siren! Suitably sped up for a convention game, of course. It should be quite fun.


Two questions about upcoming video playtests.


  1. Pelgrane Press is doing a call for playtesting their sword-and-sorcery GUMSHOE game Swords of the Serpentine. Any of you folks interested?
  2. I’m giving serious consideration to running a session of The Day After Ragnarok at WashingCon.  I’d be using my one-shot Song of the Siren for it, but will need to check to see if it works as a four-hour.  Anybody interested in playtesting that?


September Showcase: September 18th.

The Patreon abides

And today’s September Showcase is “Song of the Siren” (a RPG supplement for The Day After Ragnarok). I didn’t write it for Patreon, sure, but I did get paid for it. I say it counts.

Check out my Patreon today!


My ‘Song of the Siren’ One-Sheet adventure for The Day After Ragnarok RPG.

I think that you will find it very much of interest, and I encourage people to buy both it and the Day After Ragnarok main game. For those unfamiliar with it, the game imagines a world where the Nazis summoned the World Serpent and the United States promptly nuked it, with disastrous, but not quite world-ending, results.  It is actually a very fun world to write for: I appreciate Ken Hite and Atomic Overmind Press for giving me a chance to play in their sandbox.

Plus, they let me keep one truly bad pun.

Moe Lane

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