Just finished the first three series in Jack Campbell’s The Lost Fleet.

Short version: hoo, boy, these were fun. I kind of wish that I had read them earlier; but then what would I have been reading over the last two weeks? ┬áMy reaction, by series: (more…)


Book of the Week: …Still Dauntless, but expanded to all three Lost Fleet series.

Look, I went to the library today and cleaned out their Jack Campbell collection, OK? Let’s just face it, this is what I’m reading for the next week. I might as well embrace it.

So just grab them, already.


The Lost Fleet [The Day After Ragnarok]


The Lost Fleet
[The Day After Ragnarok]

Most of the post-Serpentfall world has more or less forgotten about the Battle for the Atlantic. There are several good reasons for this: first off, that particular battle had been effectively over prior to the sudden end of the world, which meant that most of the heavy ships of the Allies had been already diverted to the Pacific theater — and that the naval forces of the Axis had largely ceased to exist. What naval forces did remain in the Atlantic are generally assumed to have been lost in the mega-tsunami that destroyed the American East Coast; certainly almost none of them later reported in. And, of course, the North Atlantic is now a watery deathtrap of rogue icebergs, expanding ice cap, and bitter cold. If any ships did survive, they would now be crewed by ghosts. (more…)

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