Group Seed: The Mundane Council.

Mundane Council – Google Docs

The Mundane Council


People automatically assume that something called ‘the Mundane Council’ is, well, ‘mundane’ as we understand the term now: boring, unexceptional, not unusual at all.  Which is why the Council keeps the name; it’s helpful to be underestimated. Particularly when you’re a member of a self-selected group dedicated to keep everything, well, operational.


The Mundane Council is one of those groups that claims a history that stretches back over a thousand years.  It’s also — much more rarely — one of those groups that can do so credibly. The Council was founded by Gallo-Roman nobles seeking to regain power after the Frankish conquest in the fifth century AD; by the eighth century their group was secretly ruled by Charlemagne himself, which leads to an interesting question as to whether or not they ultimately succeeded, or failed.  Certainly the Council has had a lot of fingers in a lot of European pies since then.


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