‘Palin bashing is women bashing.’ No. Really. Do tell.

While linking to Marielena Zuniga’s editorial “Palin bashing is women bashing,” Glenn Reynolds also responded with the sarcastic-when-he-says it comment “Don’t be silly. She’s not a woman, she’s a Republican.”  While this is a rebuttal which quite succinctly gets to the heart of the matter, I feel obligated to expand on it a little.  To put it bluntly: there was no point to this editorial, which uses Governor Palin and former Senator/current SecState Clinton as examples of how badly the media treats inconvenient women in politics.  It was pointless because conservatives already knew and liberals don’t particularly care, which means that the people who would most take this editorial to heart are the least likely to have needed it, and vice versa.

I had a few paragraphs more, but it can be summed up as such: the larger problem will persist until feminists get sick of being the aphids in the Democrats’ anthill. So I’ll spare you more pontification.

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