Carafem: the perfect intersection of left-feminism and bro culture.

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I am pro-life, but it is not my top issue. I generally don’t talk about it, much, because there are a good number of people for whom life is their top issue and I trust them to handle the discussion. All of which means that it takes a certain amount of Oh my God what is that? to get me to make a response.

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#rsrh Democratic party shocked to discover actions have consequences.

That’s the only explanation that I can come up for this HuffPo article complaining that the Democrats are going to have between zero and one female governors in their ranks starting next January – with zero being the somewhat more likely number. Bless their hearts, but what did they expect? While Republicans will – admittedly, somewhat reluctantlly – grit their teeth and ignore a pro-choice candidate in states where the party has to take what it can get, the Democrats are getting pretty adamant that their statewide candidates not be pro-life. Particularly the female ones. Couple that with a general tendency for the Democratic party to want to reserve the good political jobs for white males and you can easily get this general result.

Personally, I think that it’s a pity that the Activist Left largely cannot conceive of a feminist also being pro-life, but it’s a sort of detached pity; after all, the end result skews in my side’s favor.

Barack Obama: STILL not paying women as much as men?

I believe that the technical term for this would be ‘glass ceiling.’

Via @mkhammer comes this latest example of Do As I Say, Not As I Line-Item Budget from the Obama administration. Executive summary: the Obama administration is allegedly paying its female staffers roughly 18% less than its male ones.  I’m using the term ‘allegedly’ because the original report did not separate out staffers by gender, forcing “some assumptions to be made based on the employee names” (as the Free Beacon put it); I’m reporting it anyway because Barack Obama was – well, he wasn’t actually notorious for it in 2008, but not for lack of trying.  Anyway, he had a real problem with this sort of thing as a Senator, and it’s not exactly clear that being President has taught him to improve his ways.

More at Hot Air; I don’t know if Allahpundit remembers  that Ed Morrissey was on this story in 2008, too.  Probably not: both RedState and Hot Air have published a lot of material since then.  God knows that this administration seems determined to keep feeding us these opportunities to point out its flaws… Continue reading Barack Obama: STILL not paying women as much as men?

Question of the day, Patriarchal Feminists For Weiner edition.

A simple question, with teeth in it:

The Anthony Weiner scandal has created a dilemma for female Democrats who are turned on by his politics but turned off by his sexual shenanigans.


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Via JammieWearingFool, via Hot Air.

President Male Chauvinist Pig declares today “National Equal Pay Day.”

Oh, was that too harsh? I’m sorry: it’s just that I have a bit of a problem with President Obama having things like this written in his name:

When the Equal Pay Act was signed into law in 1963, women earned 59 cents for every dollar earned by men. Though women today are more likely than men to attend and graduate from college, women still earn an average of only about 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. Even when accounting for factors such as experience, education, industry, and hours, this wage gap persists. Over the course of her lifetime, this gap will cost a woman and her family lost wages, reduced pensions, and diminished Social Security benefits. Though we have made great strides, wage discrimination is real and women are still more likely to live in poverty. These inequities remind us to work even harder to close the gaps that still exist.

…when as a candidate Senator Obama notoriously hired less women, had less women in positions of authority, and paid them 82 cents for every male dollar. There’s just something about rank, hypocritical self-back patting that grates, somehow… particularly since declaring today to be “National Equal Pay Day” is about that you can expect out of this administration, anyway. Seriously, the Obama administration managed to muck up the passage of the so-called “Paycheck Fairness Act” last year, despite the fact that the 111th Congress had had the bill ready for Senate approval for virtually the entire term, including that one stretch where there was a cloture-proof majority*. And, oddly enough, the Obama administration completely forgets to mention that detail in the course of the aforementioned back-patting about how wonderful the White House is being towards women.

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:raised eyebrow: Since when is raising a kid not ‘work?’

Ah, right: Joy Behar. Like it’s my fault that I married a roboticist.  Ach, well, what people do for ratings.

(Via Instapundit)

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PS: It’s Paul Rodriquez who was the comedian trying to get them to turn the damn taps back on in California, not George Lopez.  I mention this so that various people in comments sections stop thinking daggers at the former; yes, yes, I’m a mad optimist.

‘Palin bashing is women bashing.’ No. Really. Do tell.

While linking to Marielena Zuniga’s editorial “Palin bashing is women bashing,” Glenn Reynolds also responded with the sarcastic-when-he-says it comment “Don’t be silly. She’s not a woman, she’s a Republican.”  While this is a rebuttal which quite succinctly gets to the heart of the matter, I feel obligated to expand on it a little.  To put it bluntly: there was no point to this editorial, which uses Governor Palin and former Senator/current SecState Clinton as examples of how badly the media treats inconvenient women in politics.  It was pointless because conservatives already knew and liberals don’t particularly care, which means that the people who would most take this editorial to heart are the least likely to have needed it, and vice versa.

I had a few paragraphs more, but it can be summed up as such: the larger problem will persist until feminists get sick of being the aphids in the Democrats’ anthill. So I’ll spare you more pontification.

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Bonnie Erbe stands up for conservative women, except for the one who isn’t white.

Shocking coincidence, that.

She had it coming, you see. (Also via Hot Air Headlines)

You know, Michelle Malkin and I have some serious policy disagreements in a couple of areas, particularly on immigration issues – I am confident that she’d call me a pro-amnesty squish, mostly because by her definition I am – so keep that in mind when I suggest to Ms. Erbe that she did Smart Girl Politics or conservatism no favor at all with her ‘support.’

The address for SGP, by the way, is I hesitate to suggest that this was deliberate, mostly because I’m profoundly tempted to make it a formal accusation.

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