#rsrh JournoList ‘gone.’ (Profanity warning)

Another UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers.

[UPDATE] I’ve been reminded that this isn’t the first time that Ezra Klein has made inconvenient records kinda-sorta go away.  This is a particularly good one: I wonder if anybody told the WaPo that they got themselves somebody who did some neoconservativism, back in the day?

I say ‘gone‘ because there’s a 90% chance that they’ll just bring it back, after they get rid of who they think that the leak is.  Nice of Ezra Klein to shaft his good buddy Dave Weigel on the way out by explicitly admitting that Klein wouldn’t let anybody on the Right onto JournoList in the first place, but that’s the Online Left for you.  You ain’t with them all the way, you ain’t worth nothing to them.

Moe Lane

PS: Hidden moral of the story?  Don’t fuck with Mickey Kaus.  Dave Weigel’s out of a job because Mickey’s previous expose of the JournoListies [Link fixed, sorry.] put a permanent warning symbol in the heads of every New Media Righty out there: once Dave got tagged with that association, there was no way he could keep doing his job at the WaPo anyway.  And now the rest of the Journolist get to wonder who the leak is – again – and whether said leak kept a copy of the archives that Klein is even now trying to memory hole.  And you can be as blithe about it as you like: turning off and then recreating a discussion group that you need to do your job is a right royal pain in the ass.  All in all, Klein is doing this because he starkly has to, not because it seems possibly a good idea.

So if you’re a New Media Lefty who’s ticked off that one of your favorite online communities has just gotten tangled up for the next four weeks, remember: it’s all Spencer Ackerman’s fault.  Because Spencer decided to fuck with Mickey Kaus.

Which you should not do.

14 thoughts on “#rsrh JournoList ‘gone.’ (Profanity warning)”

  1. Moe, I don’t think you wanted to put the BBC front page in for “Mickey’s previous expose ….” link.

  2. Must follow the Party line or off to re-education camp at the NYT to read and memorize editorials.

  3. What if it was hacked by someone not on the list? They should each check their computers for bots and other malware.

    In my world, it would have been hacked by the same cyber-angels that exposed East Anglia.

  4. 90% chance that they’ll just bring it back, after they get rid of who they think that the leak is.

    Klein missed an opportunity to out the leaker(s). He should have sent out the notice of shutting down via individually altered email to the each of the members or suspects. Which ever altered version showed up as a new leaked update would have identified the leaker.

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