Weekend reading…

…I grabbed John Ringo’s Citadel: Troy Rising II out of the local library.  Read the previous one; it was good stuff, and so is this.  Basically, John Ringo decided that he liked the hinted-at history of Howard Tayler’s excellent Schlock Mercenary space-opera webcomic enough to use it for an alien-invasion military science fiction series, which in itself is enough to start a self-sustaining Synergistic Crescendo of Awesome.  That it’s also well written alien-invasion military science fiction is merely gravy.

I also grabbed a couple of Charlie Stross books, but that’ll be for next week.

Moe Lane

PS: Because I’m trying to convince the science-fiction community that I’m worth buttering up with free books, that’s why.

2 thoughts on “Weekend reading…”

  1. If you have an ebook reader, shoot me a valid email and a format choice and I’ll send you mine, which is up at Amazon as a Kindle edition. People have said nice things, which surprised me.


  2. I paid extra to get the third book in that series, Ringo again went off on a tangent and is trying to make a point, but yeah, it was a fun read.

    I’m about done with the new Stross book Rule 34. I’m finding I need to read him in small doses, and like Bruce Sterling I’m finding I enjoy his short stories more then his novels. His books act as an interesting anti-USA counterweight to the Ringo. USA not all bad all the time, but very much a lib/statist point of view in there.

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