4 thoughts on “:Contemplating the debt ceiling conflict:”

  1. I take it you’re getting as annoyed at the whole fracas as I am?

    Really, it’s not that hard. The VRWC got this nation to think that it’s appropriate to think of controlling the budget while raising the debt ceiling. That, to me, is a HUGE shift in thinking.


    If you don’t have the votes to take the next steps, then just raise the debt ceiling and continue the debate through the 2012 election.

    1. Brad S: What’s bugging me is that there’s going to be an unproductive fight in the VRWC over who killed whom, no matter who wins.

  2. Moe, I don’t think either the VRWC or the other side has any real idea how sick and tired the rest of the electorate is at the silly, petty political tactics getting thrown around on a continual basis. The sooner this whole Kabuki play ends, the better. We should have never let things get this far, regardless of which side you stand on the debt ceiling.

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