“The Watcher of Yathagggu.”

I’m a little surprised at myself that I haven’t mentioned this webcomic before: after all, The Watcher of Yathagggu is Cthulhu Mythos/steampunk* (and quite unsettling), and everybody knows how I feel about those two different genres.  This one’s also sorta-kinda post-apocalypse, in that special Mythos way.  All in all, it very favorably compares with Lovecraft is Missing, which is finally updating again, by the way.

Anyway, the current chapter to TWoY starts here, but there’s a decent-sized, tasty backlog to it. Go check it out.

Moe Lane

*Although it may be more electro-punk by now.

2 thoughts on ““The Watcher of Yathagggu.””

  1. You did mention it before. I know because I had been reading it on your recommendation until a virus ate my computer’s brains and I lost all my bookmarks. TWoY was one that was forgotten, and tyvm for reminding me to go and bookmark it again 😉

  2. Kind of off topic, but have you ever tried Bioshock? It’s a steampunk-ish first person shooter with a very creepy vibe. You might like it.

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