#rsrh Tim Cavanaugh laughs at Obama. WHO HE ENDORSED.

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Instapundit readers.  On the one hand, this post is from September; on the other hand, I fully agree that it still applies.  And on the gripping hand, Cavanaugh really should not have to keep having this explained to him…

I’m so pleased that the fellow from Reason.com is enjoying watching Barack Obama get kicked around:

Still, Obama’s fast fade is satisfying to see. After the sordid backstairs intrigue that brought us the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act over the objections of most Americans; after the automotive bailout and Cash for Clunkers and the unbelievably negligent expenditure of $787 billion in failed stimulus; after the expansion of the war on drugs and the illegal war in Libya; after his stubborn refusal to change course after the Democrats got clobbered in the mid-term elections, this couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. It’s always good for America when a presidency runs out of steam, and Obama’s gift is to have had that happen after only three years.

I had a longer screed penned, but it all boiled down to “Being a functional adult, I didn’t care for Tim Cavanaugh’s reasons for voting for Obama in 2008: so I don’t particularly care for Cavanaugh’s laughter at a situation in 2011 that he himself helped to create.”  So I deleted all of that.  Shame, really: it included a bit about Libertarians, keepers, and coming in out of the rain…

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4 thoughts on “#rsrh Tim Cavanaugh laughs at Obama. WHO HE ENDORSED.”

  1. Hey, now. Keep in mind, some of us libertarian types knew Obama was a bad deal way back when, and said as much. Mostly in the workplace, to our predominantly progressive colleagues. And got laughed at for our troubles, with subtle insinuations as to whether or not we might be scared of the color of his skin. And…it’s clear that by “some of us,” I really mean “me,” right?

  2. Everyone laughs at Obama these days. The exception here being that a former supporter is laughing. Most of those misguided souls do that in hiding these days.

  3. We expect Democrats to be pretty ignorant when it comes to selecting a President (after all, the evidence speaks for itself)… but big-L Libertarians have spent so long claiming intellectual superiority over us knucle-dragging, NASCAR-watching, Jesus-believing Republicans and Conservatives that I’m not inclined to cut an awful lot of slack for Obama-voting “Libertarians” here.

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