Reimagining the Justice League.

Good stuff as usual from Aaron Diaz; I liked especially re-imaging Lex Luthor as a benevolent, friendly geek in his public/corporate persona.  It’s a step up from the usual knee-jerk ‘visibly evil mega-corporation villain.’  The rest is visually interesting, in the retro-Futurist way that Diaz likes to draw technology.

Now if he’d just update Dresden Codak more often…

One thought on “Reimagining the Justice League.”

  1. Yep, making Superman a socialist is always a winner. I was unaware that he was all about social justice when he was first created. Really? I also liked how the Green Lantern Corps chose an ANIMATOR to be their representative “for her creativity and strength of will.” *facepalm* That’s a Mary Sue thing, isn’t it?
    While I do enjoy the artwork, the “rational” behind the reboot is silly and asinine. It’s merely the artist reinforcing his reasoning behind him making them caricatures, every one of them. Shallow, single-faceted, caricatures.
    Again, the art work is excellent. So, kudos to him for that.

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