The DNC seems to be sitting out the Wisconsin recall.

Alternate title: Eau de Flopsweat from #wirecall Democrats.

Alernate-alternate title: DOOM.

You know, when I saw this secondhand whine from Wisconsin Democrats upset that the DNC apparently wasn’t prepared to throw half a million dollars at the general recall election, I assumed that this would be resolved.  I mean, really: the Left has  already thrown away tens of millions of dollars; what’s a bit more?  Admittedly, not throwing utterly horrible money after bad (we’ve passed the ‘throwing good money after bad’ stage already) would be the right answer, in a strictly utilitarian sense; but the state party is in a bad way right now.  They sort of need an indication that the President cares for more than his own election, right?

Well… that’s apparently not going to happen.  MSNBC’s Chuck Todd asked Obama’s deputy* campaign manager Stephanie Cutter whether the DNC would be sending money earmarked for the recall, and Ms. Cutter said… nothing in particular. And definitely nothing that would commit the DNC to giving out money.

TODD: The last time you were on the show we talked about the Wisconsin recall. I’d asked whether the president would be supportive, if the party was going to be supportive. You said that it’s possible. Obviously there’s a stake, that you “have stake in the election; we believe that the governor has penalized working families across the state, so it’s possible. We certainly want to see a good outcome there.” This is the idea of the DNC helping out. Wisconsin state party says the DNC has not ponied up any money. You guys control the DNC. The Obama campaign and DNC are one in the same. Are you going to pony up money to the recall election in Wisconsin?

CUTTER: I don’t know the answer to that question, on the money.

I’m still looking for the video of this… but as Jim Geraghty notes: “If the answer is not ‘yes,’ it is ‘no.'”  And the answer is almost certainly ‘no,’ given that not even PPP/dKos/SEIU can really find good news for the Democrats with regard to recalling Scott Walker.  50/45  Walker/Barrett (safe link), no change in a month, and everybody they talked to was EAGER to go out and vote in June.  The DNC will have enough trouble as it is with trying to get the Anti-Elvis elected; they don’t need this complication.

I’d say ‘Sorry about that,’ except that it’d be a lie of such magnitude that I might actually fear for my soul.

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*Take a good look at Ms. Cutter, by the way: because that’s as about as high a position in the Obama campaign team as a woman is likely to reach.

6 thoughts on “The DNC seems to be sitting out the Wisconsin recall.”

  1. It also says, second hand, that DNC/OCC fundraising is not going particularly well. After all, if they had a lot of spare change there’d be no reason not to spread it around, no?
    Yes, I know. Don’t get cocky. I’m trying.

  2. How’s that old saying go “both ends fall against the middle, the center cannot hold.” Timing was terrible, the economy is terrible and it’s May and O’Bama already looks like he’s in trouble going in to the Presidential Election, suddenly everyone else is looking very expendable to the center of the DNC. It makes me smile.

  3. I wonder how much the echo-chamber of the liberal media played into this? They didn’t analyze what happened in 2010, are constantly writing obits for the Tea Party, prostrating themselves before Obama, slandering conservatives and are basically the propaganda arm of the DNC (Racism! War on Women! Gay marriage! Dog abuse!). If ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/NYTimes/WaPo and the rest of the sycophants of the liberal media would actually report facts from time to time, maybe the DNC would have had a clue as to the outcome in WI (and November).

  4. It says a lot that Barry can’t even take a day off from golf to go to Wisconsin and rally the troops. Either he doesn’t think it’s important (!), he’s too busy (*snort*), or he’s pretty sure how things are gonna turn out and doesn’t want to be seen endorsing teh losing side.

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