#rsrh Occupy Oakland goes to Obama for America, demonstrates the violence inherent in the system.

As I said in Twitter earlier: the Democrats really need to learn not to call up what they cannot put down. Apparently, (mostly female) Obama for America staffers had to brandish chairs to keep the (mostly male) Occupiers at bay:

I had a further rant planned here, involving aging corporate millionaire and 1%er Tom Moriello, but then I realized that all I really wanted to do there was say that Rage Against The Machine is a one-hit wonder band in the middle of their first golden oldies/nostalgia reunion tour. You know: sort of like Journey, only without the talent, charisma, and ability to sing on-key.

…Anyway, with that sneer out of the way: marvel at the video. And shudder at the fate of poor Charlotte, North Carolina. The blackshirts REALLY wanted to riot in Denver in ’08, but they got talked down. Guesses on whether they’re still amenable to sweet reason?

9 thoughts on “#rsrh Occupy Oakland goes to Obama for America, demonstrates the violence inherent in the system.”

  1. My favorite bit of RATM hypocrisy was back in the late 90’s when they sold the rights to “Renegades of Funk” to Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) for the purposes of marketing one of their PPVs. ECW, of course, was a big “anti-establishment organization” fighting the “Big Two” wrestling companies at the time.

    Who sold out in that deal? EVERYBODY.

  2. Occupy Oakland versus Obama for America. It’s a shame they can’t both lose.
    Oh, wait! They did!
    By the way, the mushroom media will blame any violence in Charlotte on “the Tea Party and other right-wing extremists.”

  3. At the rate things are deteriorating, the Dems might be better served by canceling Charlotte and just having the party bigs meet at Denny’s.

  4. Umm, Moe? Last time I checked, Charlotte’s citizenry are still *armed*.

    To put it in an older way, let them come.


  5. “Democrats really need to learn not to call up what they cannot put down”
    There is an interesting video on Youtube, from Cabaret, some people singing a song. Watch for the end, where the Count and the Englishman are getting into their car to go elsewhere; the Englishman has a comment about the situation.


    BTW, the song has a pretty melody and quite an upbeat message, not a word about what the singer and his people were going to do in the next 10 years or so (the shortest 1000 years in the history of the world, or at least that’s what the professor in my German class said). Same for the Horst Wessel Lied, also available on Youtube, all about freedom and bread and getting out of servitude, all happy and positive, not a word about their real intentions. Sure is lucky for us that none of today’s pols try to fool us and say one thing and then do another:-)

  6. “As I told you longe ago, do not calle up That which you can not put downe; either from dead Saltes or out of ye Spheres beyond.”

    Make sure you dissolve liberalism in acid. Don’t burn it!

  7. Ooohhh, they were ‘….pushing and shoving and Brandishing Chairs…’?
    Need a Carry Permit for that?
    I see with no small amount of Mirth that we don’t see any OWS-ers doing this at any GOP offices.
    Being exclusively in Oakland and all the other fun stuff reported on there, is this just a case of Local Madness of some form?

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