A quickie preliminary look at the committees’ debt situation.

Interesting.  Below are the latest (just before the election) Debt and CoH (Cash on Hand) totals for the various committees:

Debt CoH
DNC 20.89 10.33
DCCC 0.57 10.06
DSCC 0.23 4.24
RNC 9.9 67.55
NRSC 0 8.22
NRCC 0 10.98

Those numbers represent the latest data available from the FEC – and, in passing?  The idea of a searchable database is that it be EASY to search; it’d be also kind of nice if the data results could be easily linked to.  This latest FEC ‘improvement’ does neither – anyway, that’s the data from just before the election.  So we probably should assume that, say, the RNC spent all that money* in the last couple of weeks.   But it’ll be interesting to see what the immediate debt situation looks like for the committees; it’ll have real relevance for 2014.  Especially if the DNC needs to spend the rest of the cycle digging itself out of that twenty million dollar hole…

Moe Lane

*Although if it turns out that Reince Priebus actually did figure out a way to keep from pouring, say, 20 or so million of our money down the ORCA rathole I think that I will end up forgiving him for that.  It will come in handy.

4 thoughts on “A quickie preliminary look at the committees’ debt situation.”

  1. It would be nice if they’d start spending some of that money to run ads and organize public opposition to Reid’s plan to gut the filibuster. We lose that, then the O get’s to install any crazy he wants to the bench or cabinet or the NRLB with zero check. I’m not optimistic.

  2. What good is money with a losing strategy. I hope that I have enought reason to change my mind, but at this point, those committees have seen their last dime from me.

    It isn’t just the losses and poor organization. The purging of conservatives in key committees was the last straw.

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