Death Valley land-battleships on monster-truck wheels?

…OK.  FineYes, I’d go see that.

And I’m not g0ing to feel guilty about that, either.  I’m a philistine, and proud of it; and while I have absolutely nothing against people who go to the movies because they want to see something that will make them think, I am not one of those people.  I think quite enough all day as it is, thanks; when I go into a film typically I want to turn off my brain for a bit.

So low-brow me there, dude.

6 thoughts on “Death Valley land-battleships on monster-truck wheels?”

  1. Amazingly, I got to the Car Wars bit about as fast as the comic did… amazing because I haven’t had anything to do with the old Amarillo Autoduel Arena in *decades*.
    And yes, I’d go see it also… and may well see Pacific Rim too, if it stays in theaters long enough. Sounds like good fun.
    I do not read books or watch movies to sop some voyeuristic need to watch other peoples’ drama, I have quite enough of my own! I read or watch to *escape* my drama for a little while, to give the brain a rest.
    The original definition of amusement, by the way, is from a-muse, the *absence* of the muse, a rest from creativity/thinking…. and about what I’m after at the theater! Well .. that, and a jumbo popcorn.

    1. “..that, and a jumbo popcorn.
      You can afford that? What is it now, like $150 and a kidney? Or is it your first born?

        1. Fair enough, acat, fair enough 😉 I no longer make enough to justify giving the first dime to hollywierd, or the concession bandits. That was the first thing cut from my budget…..

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