North Carolina Councilman resigns… in Klingon.

Normally I don’t give props to non-Republicans (David Waddell is going to run on the Constitutional ticket against Kay Hagan*), but I will stretch a rule because, well, he wrote his resignation letter in Klingon:

An Indian Trail councilman decided to boldly go where no politician has gone before – and tendered his resignation this week in the Klingon language.

Apparently David Waddell no longer wanted to live long and prosper on the board.

In an interview Thursday, Waddell said his resignation letter to Mayor Michael Alvarez was written in Klingon, the language of a proud warrior race in the “Star Trek” TV shows and movies, as an inside joke. But in case the mayor wasn’t up to speed with his Klingon, Waddell included a translation using

Klingon text at the link: my keyboard isn’t set up for it and no, I don’t speak that particular language.  Suffice it to say that Waddell was, well, maybe not the most diplomatic in his leave-taking…

Moe Lane

*Apparently nobody ever told him that only a fool fights in a burning house.

…Damn, but I miss John M. Ford.  He was a hell of a guy. He didn’t come up with that line, but he’s who I think of when I think of Klingons.

6 thoughts on “North Carolina Councilman resigns… in Klingon.”

  1. You know, the Constitution Party is just as dang useless as the Libertarian Party. And unlike the LP they really do only appeal to those on the Right ( usually the fringe, but some Rs)
    They cost us a Senate Seat in Oregon back in 08.

      1. Yep. Smith lost by about 61,000 votes and the hardcore righty Constitution Party candidate got about 92,000.
        Key to remember, these people ran someone against Mike Lee in 2010. They’re nuts.

        1. Worth noting that groups like this can only exist when party leadership abandons sections of “the base”.
          In other words, this is the fruit of McCain et al’s hissy fits against “hobbits” etc.
          The Dems have the same problems, from time to time – P.U.M.A.s – but seem more able to extend an olive branch that hasn’t been used to clean toilets first…

          1. Or, much more likely, given the Republican makeup, another tantrum over the give and take of normal politics. The Republican base does not like compromise as a rule, which wouldn’t be a problem if they agreed on the base policies, and had an understanding of what numbers are needed to do things in our system. Thus the idiots who still think W was bad on the Deficit, after Obama increased it tenfold without the whole machine exploding. Groups like this exist because they don’t live in Reality, and so cannot be made happy. They Will Be The Oak! And they have nothing but contempt for the reed. But humans, to be successful, need to be both Oak and Reed…..

          2. “the Republican base does not like compromise as a rule”
            BS. The problem is that “compromise” is a label that gets applied to abject surrender. “Our compromise is to spend 600% more than last year, instead of 2000%!” and “our compromise is that anyone who hasn’t been caught committing a felony can cut in line in front of people trying to follow immigration laws!”

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