Bernie Sanders comes down with Harry Reid’s Koch Fever.

Dear God.

“Right now, as we speak, a concerted effort to undermine the VA,” [Bernie Sanders] said. “What are the problems? The problems are, is, that all of these are large, governmental institutions and you have folks out there now, Koch Brothers and others, who want to radically change the nature of society, and either make major cuts in all of these institutions, or maybe do away with them entirely.”

And here I thought that the problem is that the VA was covering up the fact that veterans were being denied timely care, and in some cases fatally so.  Silly me: I should have realized that it was all a right-wing plot.  And you just know that next they’ll be spying on Bernie Sanders! Spyin’ on him with RAYS!

Moe Lane

PS: Bernie Sanders is the chair of the Veterans Affairs committee.


For now.

7 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders comes down with Harry Reid’s Koch Fever.”

  1. I have to wonder whether Sanders caught this bug and passed it to Reid and nobody noticed because Sanders has been so deeply bat-{guano}-insane for so long …

  2. If Sanders is the chair of the Veterans Affairs committee, then this scandal is the equivalent of Benghazi (or Snowden, or Fast and Furious…really, you can take your pick): a monstrous cock-up that took place under his watchful eye.

    If the details of the scandal are true, it calls into question his fitness to hold his current position. Therefore, the scandal itself must be denied.

  3. IIRC, it was Obama and the Democrats who wanted to undermine the VA by trying to force private insurers to cover military related conditions way back in ’09. It was practically Obama’s first effort at anything.

    Got shut down hard, too.

    1. And yet Obama got his way in the end. He didn’t even have to use his “pen” or “phone,” just a well-placed crony or two.

  4. I think I mentioned when you first demanded Shinseki to resign that Sanders was just a culpable by virtue of being the VA Chairman.

    I guess his idiotic statements confirm that.

  5. What I don’t understand is why Democrats feel the need to play defense in scandals like these. People died! The clear scapegoats are the heads of their department ( Fast and Furious it was Holder) It isn’t going to damage their godking Obama.

    So why not take the opportunity to fight govt. corruption? I mean do they have to insult the memory of everyone who’s died on this administration’s watch by labeling every such scandal a “hoax”?

    1. Holder et al. are more than expendable peons. They make and enforce policy. In Holder’s case, he’s actually one of the lynch-pins (along with Harry Reid) that enables Obama’s lawlessness.
      Without a crony in DoJ, they might actually start prosecuting criminal behavior. The investigations would inevitably lead back to the White House.
      That is why Holder will never leave, and why he will never be removed by Obama.

      Dictatorships are never a one-man affair. The dictator is simply the pinnacle of a power structure that supports him.

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