Tweet of the Day, While We’re Waiting For Barack Obama To Show Up edition.

Barack Obama would up five points in the polls if he’d just show up for things on time, by the way. Anyway:


7 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, While We’re Waiting For Barack Obama To Show Up edition.”

  1. Considering what he said, it seems wholly appropriate.
    I’m old enough that one of my earlier political memories is of Operation Frequent Wind.
    I swore that nothing like that would ever happen again.
    And now I sit helpless while it happens again.

  2. “While We’re Waiting For Barak Obama to Show Up”. Think that pretty much summarizes his presidency.

    1. Mostly, yeah, with intermittent bursts of “Someone get him offstage, quick!”…
      Amateur night … Gong Show…

  3. A few days ago I tweeted about this being Obama’s Vietnam. Someone responded that it was really Obama’s Waterloo. Whichever it might be, it is a travesty and a result of his policies, including having released (in 2009) the terrorist butcher now leading this all out assault on Iraq.

    Hillary said the release of the 5 Taliban terrorists from Gitmo wouldn’t be a problem for the U.S. (yes, she said that) but for Afghanistan. Wonder if anyone has thought about that today.

    The answer to Hillary’s question when pressed about Benghazi was, “At this point what difference does it make?” Events in Iraq show the difference.

    1. It would only be his Waterloo if we could ship the useless bastard off to St. Helena for the rest of his miserable life.

  4. Recommended…

    “It could be that Mr Obama truly believes that American power can no longer be sustained in the world, though this is not what he says. It could even be that he is right. Certainly China is rising and the US is not, and he is wise to “pivot” to Asia with this in mind. But he does not have a scheme of orderly withdrawal from global responsibilities, or of better burden-sharing. Rather than reshaping existing institutions such as Nato for new circumstances, he tends to let them decay.

    One suspects that his mental model for political change in the world comes from the Civil Rights movement in the United States. In that history (or, at least, the myth of that history), peaceful moral suasion by the oppressed acted upon the consciences of the powerful. This is an important story for a great, free, self-improving country like America. But it is a fat lot of good as the basis of foreign policy. Indeed a fat lot of Mr Obama’s rather self-regarding goodness is a problem for the rest of us.”

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