So… why *did* Chris Hughes buy The New Republic, anyway?

I mean, this makes no sense.

Representing the views of one privileged class and appealing to a small demographic of political elites is the entire point of The New Republic. It certainly wasn’t to make money: people don’t make money in that particular business.  The goal is to shape the way that a particular group of people – people who are, let us not forget, powerful and influential – think.  If you’re not in it for that, why take a magazine that was doing that and try to turn it into something that it’s not?

…Oh. Right.  Chris Hughes is insecure about his accomplishments and abilities.  Sorry, my bad.

Moe Lane

PS: Honestly, *I* could run TNR better than these people – and that’s ‘better’ by their own definitions – and I’m a conservative Republican.

4 thoughts on “So… why *did* Chris Hughes buy The New Republic, anyway?”

  1. The same reason that Sony Pictures decided to bring in Al Sharpton.


    Now, mind you, if they start hiring women and SJW-approved minorities, you can count on them all being Ivy League-educated women and minorities.

  2. …Oh. Right. Chris Hughes is insecure about his accomplishments and abilities.
    I think you have it exactly backwards — he’s insufficiently insecure about his accomplishments and abilities.
    Often in tech-related industries, people become very, very rich by having one good idea, exploiting it, and catching the tide at just the right moment. These people are hailed as geniuses, and after hearing this they themselves become convinced of it — considering the egos involved, they usually don’t need a lot of convincing. So then they decide that all of their subsequent schemes are genius-level, can’t-fail ideas … and who’s going to tell a billionaire who wants to spend money that he’s not as smart as he thinks he is?
    Adam Osborne may be the type specimen for this sort of creature.

    1. Remember, Chris Hughes didn’t make his millions by having a good idea and exploiting it.
      He got his millions from having a roommate who had a good idea and exploited it.

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